Cash Flow Improvement Services Written by Kaizen Enterprises Pty Ltd
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Cash Flow Improvement


Key points:

  • This service empowers your employees to take ownership and control of the collections process, without losing customers.
  • Our Diagnostic Audit builds on 25 years of experience to identify problem areas and provides an Action Plan to increase your cash flow.
  • We can also provide continued support in this critical area, as well as Debt Collection and Litigation Support services where needed.
  • We have created a number of FREE resources that can help you to quantify the benefits of more effective receivables management.

More information:

Kaizen Enterprises’ Cash Flow Improvement service is designed to help your business collect receivables in the fastest possible time by empowering your employees to take ownership and control of the collections process.

Building on more than 25 years of experience and research, the service will help you to increase cash flow, reduce doubtful debts, improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Professional collection should never cause the loss of a customer, and we strive to ensure that our collections procedures deliver smooth results.

We can provide a range of options to help you better manage your receivables, such as:

  • Auditing your existing receivables function, including credit terms, billing, and collections procedures
  • Assistance to help you achieve best practice[1] cash flow procedures, allowing you to manage receivables more effectively and reduce your risk
  • Improving documentation to help you make better-informed business decisions regarding cash flow procedures and collections
  • Strategies to help your employees communicate effectively with debtors throughout the collections process
  • Help with employee assignments and training to increase the efficiency of collections

[1] To establish standardised benchmarks and protocols for receivables management throughout the business based on universal best practice for Key Performance Indicators.

Accounts Receivable Diagnostic Audit 

The basis of our service is our Accounts Receivable Diagnostic Audit, which allows us to quickly identify areas requiring attention and highlight mechanisms for immediate improvements to your cash flow.

The Diagnostic Audit is a supremely effective tool that gives you immediate insight into AR problems and provides a practical Action Plan tailored to your business needs.

The audit process is simple. After an initial consultation by phone, we negotiate a fee based on the issues involved, the size of the ledger and other variables which we discuss with you.  We then email you a contract that sets out our standard terms and conditions and the scope of work to be performed.

A representative will then visit your business (or make other arrangements where this is not possible) and conducts the audit with the designated staff member.  We are usually able to complete the audit within two hours, so long as you are able to provide us with access to the necessary information, including data regarding the number of accounts, cost of funds, and your target Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

After completing the audit, we analyse the information and within five working days prepare a detailed report which includes:

  • An Action Plan detailing each area where improvements could be made, with an explanation of the rationale and the benefits.
  • An estimated time and cost for your business to implement the Plan without our support.
  • The estimated DSO reduction and cash flow improvement you could expect from implementation of the Plan.
  • Our quotation to achieve optimal DSO by implementing our Action Plan in partnership with your personnel, including a timeline and our charges.
  • Our quotation to assume the functions of the accounts receivable process for your business, either in whole or in part.

Continued support for your business goals

In addition to helping your business to implement our Action Plan, we can provide a range of ongoing services, including:

1. Assistance to key employees through:

  • On-site consulting;
  • Telephone consulting;
  • Provision of active support on a user-needs basis; and
  • Provision of a ‘Help-Desk’.

2. Risk Management services at three critical points:

  • New customers;
  • Difficult existing customers; and
  • Pre-litigation.

3. Debt Collection services; and

4. Litigation Support services.

Free resources

To help you quantify the benefits that effective receivables management could bring to your business, we have a number of FREE resources that are available for download.

Click here to access the resources.