Services Overview Written by Kaizen Enterprises Pty Ltd
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About Kaizen Enterprises


Kaizen Enterprises specialises in the following business areas:

Cash Flow Improvement

This suite of services is designed to help your business collect receivables in the fastest possible time by empowering your employees to take ownership and control of the collections process. The service can also include a complete audit of your receivables function, including credit terms, billing, and collections procedures.



Debt Collection

Kaizen Enterprises can assist you with slow debts, where your organisation wants to keep trading with the debtor, and/or delinquent debt collection, where the trading relationship has ended. Engaging an external agency is essential to free your own resources to concentrate on more current receivables.



Litigation Support

While litigation should be the last resort in solving commercial problems, it is still an important tool in some circumstances. Kaizen Enterprises’ pre-litigation assessment is designed to provide sound bases on which to make decisions regarding the efficacy of litigation.

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, the resource needs for litigation support – such as the collection of evidence, the preparation of statements, and directing or meeting discovery demands – can be overbearing and enormously disruptive to business. Our litigation support service minimises disruption to your business and saves you both money and time.



Character Risk Assessment

This service provides you with relevant information about the character of the parties you are considering investing in or doing business with. If all the information you receive prior to investing looks good, but the character of the proponent is questionable, then the presented figures and promises are likely to be worthless. “Is what I am being told likely to be true, and how can I tell?”