Introduction Written by Kaizen Enterprises Pty Ltd
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About Kaizen Enterprises


Kaizen Enterprises Pty Ltd was founded in 1996 by Ian James, a business consultant and Commercial Agent with 30 years experience. We offer a specific range of boutique services designed to help you improve your business, with a focus on improving cash flow and related financial areas.

Our motto: No challenge too great. No problem too small.

There are four ways a business can quickly improve its cash availability: externally, through factoring, invoice discounting, or discounting for fast payment, or internally, by improving its collections procedures. Although factoring or invoice discounting often leads to a faster injection of cash, there are a number of long-term disadvantages. However, if the business learns how to improve its collections procedures, it owns the process and has no additional ongoing costs.

If the time comes when debts have aged to the point where the cost of collecting the monies owed using internal resources has become uneconomical, Kaizen Enterprises can provide you with a complete debt collection service. We provide a professional collections process, helping you to gain the greatest return from collecting the debt for the least cost in the fastest time.